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M-Bus Meter Solutions | Wired and Wireless

Stockshed provide both wired and wireless m-bus communication solutions and site services for all meter types. Wireless reading options are available from walk-by reading for wireless m-bus or radio enabled meters from all major manufacturers to a fixed installation wireless network. Field surveys are available to assess suitability of a wireless network and wireless coverage tests to determine the exact hardware / repeaters required.

Wired networks can be supplied to include full fitment of required cabling daisy chained back to a central master unit. We offer field surveys to test existing cabling where necessary and provide a repair service to ensure the wired network is robust enough to provide reliable readings.

Meter reading can be provided from manual walk-by to a fully automated meter reading distribution via email or FTP server upload, as often as required. In addition to meter data collection, Stockshed also provide full billing production and distribution and tenant cash collection services. 

Please contact Stockshed for further information on our m-bus metering solutions.

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