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Stockshed are a UK distributor and stockist of Nixon turbine flow meters. The Nixon range of turbine flow meters offer high accuracy, exceptional build quality and unparalleled reliability. Over 40 years, thousands of turbine flow meters have been supplied to all classes of industry where the Nixon turbine flow meter design has an established an excellent reputation for durability.

Many leading flow meter companies in the U.K. and internationally have the confidence to put their brand on the Nixon range of turbine flow meters.

The turbine flow meters have been modified and extended over the last few years to provide a competitively priced general purpose liquid flow meter.

The flow sensors are manufactured entirely in house to control quality and availability. The range is available on quick deliveries with popular sizes held ex-stock. Available in a wide variety of body sizes, all turbine flow meters possess an electrical pulse output directly proportional to the measuring flow rate. Remote flow indicator with alarms, totalising and batch control functions are available utilising our wide range of secondary electronic instruments.

The liquid flow meters are suitable for use on lubricating or non-lubricating products of low to medium viscosity and are largely insensitive to density variations, pressure or temperature fluctuations. Hydraulic flow meters and Hygienic flow meters have contact parts produced from 316 stainless steel except rotors which must possess good magnetic qualities where 431 Stainless Steel is used to produce pulses in the turbine flow sensor. Turbine flow meter standard end connections are screwed BSP parallel thread with included 30 degree internal cones to BS5200. Ermeto threads are also available. Liquid flow meters with flanges are available to ANSI, DIN or BS standards

A unique feature of the Nixon turbine flow meter design is the use of helically milled rotors cut from solid in sizes up to 65mm.