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Metering Billing Services

Heat consumption billing and reporting services for heat and energy networks.

Landlord Meter Billing Solutions by Stockshed

Stockshed is a billing agent for heat and energy networks. Complying with all current regulations, Stockshed are able to offer billing services from simple automated meter readings to bill production and cash collection services.

With Stockshed, tenants only pay for what they have consumed. With MID approved apartment heat meters and Stockshed automated meter reading collection, we calculate each tenant's bill and ensure regulatory compliance.

Our service delivers a flexibility to match your organisational hierarchy and allow your tenants to receive their bills in a number of convenient formats. We give you confidence and transparency in the full settlement of your community or district heating across your buildings and whole estate.

The advantage of using our billing services:-

  • Clear and complete settlement of all utility costs per building per tenant
  • Legally compliant, easy to follow individual bills for tenants
  • All bills human checked
  • Billing accuracy and automated quality checks
  • Expert advice and guidance on billing for both you and your tenants

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