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M-Bus to Modbus Converter

M-Bus to Modbus Converter

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The MB10 MBus to Modbus RTU (RS485) converter converts any meter M-Bus output to Modbus (RS485) and allows up to 10 x M-Bus devices to communicate on a Modbus network.

The M-Bus is a bus optimized for the reading of measurement instruments such as energy meters, hot and cold water meters, gas, pressure, sensors and actuators, and so on. Nowadays, more and more manufacturers implement the M-Bus interface in their meters, making it the ideal basis for remote reading and smart metering applications.

Technical features:

- Automatic RS485 transmission direction
- M-Bus short connection protection
- Power supply: 12 - 36 VDC
- Mounting type: on DIN rail
- Support up to 10 x M-bus Devices (100 and 250 Device Versions available)
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