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Single Jet Water Meters

GSD8-i Water Meter

B Meters GSD8 Range

Maddalena SJ Plus Water Meter

Maddalena SJ Plus

Diehl Aries Water Meter

Diehl Aries

Madallena SJ EVO Water MeterMaddalena SJ EVO

How to choose your water meter.

We only offer best in class water meters based on quality, reliability and long life service. Our range of meters are made in Europe by trusted and reputable manufacturers B Meters, Diehl Metering and Maddalena.

The water meters listed here have varying accuracy which is denoted by the "R" value. The higher the "R" value, the more accurate the water meter. Selection of a suitable water meter is based on accuracy, budget and any meter output requirements you may have.

As a guide, the GSD8 & SJ Plus range are excellent water meters for everyday metering applications. The ARIES is our mid range meter with the SJ EVO offering the highest accuracy.

All of our water meters, which can be fitted horizontally or vertically, are WRAS & MID approved and meet high accuracy requirements suitable for submetering and billing applications.

Accuracy Rating.

  1. GSD8 Range: R=100 (Horizontal Install), R=50 (Vertical Install). Optional output: Pulse, M-Bus, Wireless M-Bus.
  2. SJ PLUS Range: R=100 (Horizontal Install), R=63 (Vertical Install).Optional output: Pulse.

  3. ARIES Range: R=125 (Horizontal Install), R=63 (Vertical Install). Optional output: Pulse, M-Bus, Wireless M-Bus.

  4. SJ EVO Range: R=160 (Horizontal Install), R=63 (Vertical Install). Optional output: Pulse, M-Bus, Wireless M-Bus.

If you require any assistance in selecting the correct meter for your application please contact us.