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Mechanical Hot Water Meters for RHI Schemes Not Approved | Stockshed Limited

Non-Domestic RHI open letter on water meters CRM:0016207

Open letter on the eligibility of ISO 4064:2014 and MID MI-001 water meters in the GB and NI Renewable Heat Incentive Schemes

You may have recently received an open letter from Ofgem regarding the use of MID approved mechanical hot water meters as part of a complete heat meter system incorporating a heat energy calculator and temperature sensors to claim on the RHI schemes.

The use of a mechanical hot water meter with a pulse output from one manufacturer connected to a heat energy calculator from another manufacturer does not constitute a "class 2 heat meter" as required by Ofgem for the RHI scheme. It may be the case that the individual components are MID approved, however the heat meter as a whole is not MID class II approved as required by Ofgem and should not be used to claim on the RHI schemes.

Whilst Stockshed Limited would never offer this cost saving solution to provide a "cheap" heat energy meter, other UK metering companies have been supplying non approved heat energy meters, made up of individual components, for many years.

If you would like advice on your heat meter installation or would like to fit an approved class 2 heat meter in accordance with Ofgem's requirements please contact Stockshed for assistance. The chances are these meters will need to be replaced subject to Ofgem's review.