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IZAR PLUS Portal - Diehl Metering

As an official distributor for Diehl Metering, Stockshed offer the IZAR PLUS Portal data management software for automated meter reading of all Diehl Sharky Meters and Danfoss Sonometer 1100 energy meters.

In addition to IZAR PLUS Portal, Stockshed also provide billing and cash collection services for a turnkey solution for landlords and property owners with no tie in or long term contract.

IZAR PLUS Portal is the web-based application of Diehl Metering’s Meter Data Management Software running as a service on an external high security data center in Germany.

IZAR PLUS Portal provides all key features for efficient processing of metering data and easy administration of meter reading via Fixed Network or Walk-By / Drive-By.

Accessing the application 24/7 from any place and operating system increases your flexibility of administering metering data, read out processes and the supply network.

  • Facilitates multi utility approach by managing all media in one system (Water, Thermal Energy, Gas, Power)
  • High scalable software design focused on mass data management
  • Integrated map view for easy organisation of devices and readout tours
  • High-performant analysis engine e.g. for leakage detection and to avoid energy losses
  • In-built task scheduler to facilitate meter import/export and analysis jobs
  • Instant graphical representation of meter data
  • Interactive Dashboard for most important information
  • Alarm monitoring to notify on problems in the meter network
  • Use REST API for easily connecting third party software and a quick implementation process
  • Data Sheet

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