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Kamstrup Multical 403 Cooling Meter | Stockshed UK Distributor

The NEW Kamstrup Multical 403 heat and cooling chilled water energy meters from Stockshed. In Stock.

The Kamstrup Multical 403 energy meter supersedes the Multical 402 version offering a new compact design and additional on site functionality through the calculator's front buttons. Flow or return pipe installation, energy unit, cut off dates and more can now be configured via the meter’s front panel.

The improved design requires only one screwdriver to access the meter with the meter’s lid being fitted with a retaining strap to make service simple. The compact design allows the meter to easily fit all types of installations while still maintaining an optimal display angle. The meter is available in nominal flow ranges from qp 0.6 to qp 15 m³/h, 1/2" BSP to DN50 flange, making it suitable for applications ranging from apartments and houses to shopping centres and office buildings.

The rugged design and high quality of the Kamstrup MULTICAL 403 means that it is virtually maintenance free with reconfiguration or service easily completed due to the simple set up.


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