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Kamstrup Multical 302 Heat Meters | Stockshed UK Distributor

The compact design and minimal dimensions of the Kamstrup Multical 302 heat and cooling energy meters allow this RHI compliant and Mid Class 2 approved all-round heat and cooling meter to be installed anywhere. The meter can be turned during installation, in very compact systems too, enabling you to obtain optimal reading of the display at all times.

The robust metal flow sensor endures up to 130˚C permanently, is effectively protected against condensation and can be used in both PN16 and PN25 systems. The flow sensor has been designed with Kamstrup’s unique ultrasound technique, which ensures extremely long lifetime – also in magnetite-containing heating systems.

  • Compact residential heat meter for all applications
  • Flow or return installation position, programmable on site
  • Suitable up to 130°C
  • MID Class 2 EN1434 approved and suitable for the RHI
  • Available with M-Bus or Wireless M-Bus Output
  • 6 or 12 year battery life
  • 1.5m PT500 direct temperature sensors, 1.2m signal cable


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