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Collection: Common CPT-01 Quantometers - Screwed Fitting

CPT-01 series Quantometers have been designed to provide reliable and inexpensive measuring instruments for secondary flows. Excellent metrological characteristics and operating performance close to performances of the turbine gas meters designed for custody transfer measurements. Other advantages include: high quality, easy maintenance and a wide range of external devices that can co-operate with the quantometers e.g. volume correctors, data loggers, data transmission systems.

  • CPT25-50
  • Pressure resistant meter body
  • Inlet flow conditioner
  • Measuring cartridge and index head
  • Magnetic coupling as the transferring element between measuring
  • Range extended to include 1 inch,1.¼ inch, 1.½ inch, 2 inch screwed options
  • Meter for Biogas available
  • Atex approved index head
  • Meter tested to 2004/22/EC MID, Annex-MI-002 Class;1.5
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