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Collection: Common CPT-01 Quantometers - Flange Fitting

CPT-01 series Quantometers have been designed to provide reliable and inexpensive measuring instruments for secondary flows. Excellent metrological characteristics and operating performance close to performances of the turbine gas meters designed for custody transfer measurements. Other advantages include: high quality, easy maintenance and a wide range of external devices that can co-operate with the quantometers e.g. volume correctors, data loggers, data transmission systems.

  • CPT50-CPT200
  • Inline turbine gas meters with wafer connections to suit PN16 flanges
  • Fitted with low frequency pulse output as standard – multiple LF & HF options available
  • Aluminium body, suitable for natural gas and LPG, -20°C to +60°C
  • Biogas option available
  • For horizontal or vertical pipelines with 5 x DN straight lengths of pipe up stream
  • Nominal rangeability 1:20, meters read in cubic metres, index can be head rotated through 350°
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