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Collection: Common CGT-02 Quantometers

CGT-02 series turbine gas meters are flow meters designed to measure quantity of gases. The meters are mainly used for gas flow ranges from 6.5 up to 6500 m3/h. The CGT series gas meters are applied in measurement systems where high accuracy is required: transportation of natural gas, primary and secondary measurements, control metering of the natural gas and non aggressive technical gases in industry and flow measurement for technical purposes.

  • CGT50 - 300
  • Fitted with low frequency pulse output as standard
  • Flanged PN16 connection
  • Cast Iron or Carbon Steel, suitable for natural gas and LPG -20 to 60C
  • Inline turbine gas meters with flanged PN16 connections, PN25, PN40, ANSI 150, 300.600.
  • For horizontal or vertical pipelines with 2 x DN straight lengths
  • Rangeability 1:20, Meters read in cubic metres, index can be head rotated through 360 deg.

CGT-02 Datasheet | Stockshed UK Distributor

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