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BA390 LED Cluster Lamp - Intrinsically Safe

BA390 LED Cluster Lamp - Intrinsically Safe

Manufactured by Beka associates

Product Code: BA390-R

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The BA390 cluster lamps provide reliable cost-effective visual status indication in all hazardous areas. Each BA390 contains a group of high efficiency light emitting diodes mounted behind a coloured diffuser to produce a bright, uniform output with a typical life greater than ten years.

All models contain a 20mA current regulator which maintains constant brilliance and provides protection against excess voltages. ATEX intrinsic safety certification allows BA390 LED cluster lamps to be installed in all gas hazardous areas.

Two lamps may be powered from a single IIC intrinsically safe Zener barrier or galvanic isolator and up to four lamps from a IIB device. FM and IECEx approval allows BA390 lamps to be installed in the USA and the increasing number of countries which accept international IECEx certification.

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