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BA390S LED Cluster Lamp - Low Current, Intrinsically Safe

BA390S LED Cluster Lamp - Low Current, Intrinsically Safe

Manufactured by Beka associates

Product Code: BA390S-R

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The BA390S low current cluster lamps provide reliable cost-effective visual status indication in all hazardous areas. Lamps have a typical life of ten years and, depending upon colour, contain two or three high efficiency light emitting diodes mounted behind a coloured diffuser to produce a uniform output.

Optimised for high brightness at low current BA390S lamps may be powered from almost any intrinsically safe output. Their high efficiency enables them to provide a useful output with an input current of only a few milliamps.

For example, a BA390S lamp may be powered from one output of an intrinsically safe multiple digital output fieldbus module. These have several separate 4mA outputs, thus a number of BA390S cluster lamps may be powered and controlled by one module.

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